Nicky Moffat CBE, Leadership Consultant, Speaker & Coach

Nicky set up a leadership development and coaching consultancy in 2013, to help companies develop their leadership capability and talent pipelines and embed transformative and sustainable cultural change. She is also an inspirational speaker with clients across leading UK, multinational and global corporations and businesses, specialising in sectors as diverse as investment banking and insurance, oil and energy, transport, media communications, technology and law.

Expert in leadership, people development and organisational change, Nicky’s insight is drawn from a career in the Armed Forces spanning 3 decades. Her experience includes leadership, strategy, policy, finance, governance, training and audit roles, in the Army, the Ministry of Defence (MOD) and at the heart of Government. As a Private Secretary, she supported the Defence Secretary during a period of politically-charged decision making, and close parliamentary and media scrutiny throughout fast-moving operations in Iraq, Afghanistan, Sierra Leone and Cumbria. In her final MOD appointment, as Head of Pay and Strategic Manning for the Armed Forces, she oversaw redundancy and pay review programmes, providing decision and advisory briefing to Ministers and the Defence and Service Personnel Boards. From 2009-2012, in the rank of Brigadier, she was the most senior woman in the British Army, responsible for the leadership, standards and output of a 4,500 strong team and for delivering major business change. She was appointed Commander of the British Empire in 2012 in recognition of her work.

A strong and visible role model, she served in a number of ground-breaking roles and helped influence change for the better, including rightful recognition of the capability that women bring as a necessary, valued, and highly effective part of the Army of today. She continues to influence the diversity and inclusion policies of the Armed Forces through commentary in the media – her principal interest is in the removal of gender-based exclusions which deny career opportunity to women and prevent the Services from accessing the full range of their talent.

Date: March 03, 2014