Colin Campbell-Austin – Head of Talent, Resourcing and People Development, Telegraph Media Group

Colin Campbell-Austin is the talent, people development and resourcing specialist for the Telegraph Media Group. Skilled in nurturing and developing internal and external future talent. Colin believes a great people strategy provides the platform for people to be who they want to be at work. Creating an environment that gives people the opportunity to be the best they can be. He understands the benefits of attracting, growing and nurturing the best and most diverse set of people and how this is the key to success for any business.

“Diversity of thought, experience and opinion will always produce better outputs, results, products or services. These will have a far greater impact with your clients or customers, which will be reflected on the bottom line”

Colin helps businesses to create a climate that engages, enables and inspires senior leaders to embrace the benefits of diversity. Before moving to the Telegraph in 2014, Colin the People Development Manager at Channel 4, where he created a corporate diversity, talent, learning and development strategy that fitted Channel 4’s culture and aligned to their business needs, ensuring Channel 4 was the broadcaster of choice to the best diverse talent from all social backgrounds. Colin is a ‘people champion’, he believes in fairness, equality, diversity and consistency.

• Highly commended at the European Diversity Awards 2014 and 2015 in the Diversity Champion category.
• Winner of the Out in the City Readers Awards for LGBT Diversity Champion of the Year 2014

Date: June 02, 2016