The Global Diversity Company is at the vanguard of promoting the diversity and equality agenda across the UK, Europe and beyond. We firmly believe that nobody should feel disempowered because of their gender, different physical and mental abilities, sexual orientation, age, race, culture or belief. It has been consistently shown that organisations which embrace this philosophy perform better in their market, demonstrate improved staff retention and engagement, and hold greater appeal to millennial and Generation Y jobseekers.

In addition to the European Diversity Awards, our stable of brands and associated organisations includes:

The Diversity in Media Awards
The recent Oscars diversity row is just one example of how the media we see, hear and read every day doesn’t always reflect society as a whole, leaving swathes of the population feeling disenfranchised and disempowered. Thankfully, things are changing, but not as quickly as we would like. The Diversity in Media Awards will accelerate this much needed change by lauding those organisations and individuals in broadcast, print and online media who make powerful contributions to equality and diversity.

The Global Diversity List
Published in, and nominated by readers of The Economist, the Global Diversity List recognises industry professionals, politicians and broadcasters whose commitment to diversity helps deliver genuine results. The Global Diversity List is supported by companies including Standard Chartered, Barclays, KPMG, BNP Paribas, Societé Générale. WorldPay, UBS and AT Kearney.

The Out at Work Top 50, in association with the Telegraph Media Group
The Out at Work Top 50 LGBT Executives celebrates those making a difference in the workplace. Unlike other lists, it is not a measure of seniority, but how some members of the LGBT community go above and beyond to influence change in their companies and beyond.

The Pride Power List, published in The Guardian
At a time where discrimination and violence continues to be perpetrated against the LGBT community across the world, the Pride Power List serves as a beacon which recognises lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and non-binary business leaders, politicians, activists and media stars whose examples set the standards in the global struggle for LGBT equality.